The terroir’s value is the direct result of the passion of the people transforming it.

This 12-hectare domaine has been built up by four generations. I now work it using organic and biodynamic methods. Most of the plots have a clay-limestone soil facing south-south-east overlooking the last natural banks of the Rhone. Here I leave nature to till the soil and tend to the grapevines, which draw everything they need from the soil. This cultivation method allows full expression of the terroir, which I reflect in my different wines, naturally structured for ageing according to the vintages.

Our philosophy: Working with nature without distorting it.

Like a composer, it gives you a score. Working with the vines, soil and climat are the notes that nature tells you to follow. From soil to plant, then from fruit to juice, a symphony of aromas develops. You also need to draw on scientific advances to better understand and protect this living essence. The craft is as exacting as a jeweller's. The final touch is to give it your signature, your personality.

Vin du Bugey


Bugey is a "patchwork of terroirs". Although all the soils are limestone, there are at least three main types, each enhanced by the right choice of grape variety, perfected by Human observation. First, there is the white marl clay soil of the Montagnieu wine area, the preferred soil for the Altesse (Roussette) and Mondeuse grape varieties. Next is the silica and limestone soil of the moraine hillside slopes, where Chardonnay excels. And finally come the clay and limestone mountain screes, where red grapes such as Pinot Noir express themselves best.